Everyone who has used Notion already knows that it is a multi-purpose app that can be leveraged to either be a note-taking app, a very practical database, a personal wiki, or even an SRS app that can help you actively recall everything you learn.

What is Active Recall?

Active Recall is one of the most useful study techniques you can use to learn a topic from start to end, which Active Recall achieves by retrieving information from your brain and testing yourself.

That’s it, and although it is a simple practice, it has been proven to strengthen the connections between neurons and thus improving…

A simple installation guide

Neovim logo

Why from source?

While Neovim can indeed be installed from the corresponding Ubuntu package, there are attractive reasons to install this awesome text editor from source:

  • Access to the latest features of Neovim
  • Install Neovim in the location you wish


(1) Install the build prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install ninja-build \
gettext libtool libtool-bin \
autoconf automake cmake g++ \
pkg-config unzip

(2) Clone the Neovim repository:

git clone https://github.com/neovim/neovim.git

(3) To install the stable release, run the following (otherwise the latest version of Neovim will be installed):

git checkout stable

(4) Build Neovim with build type ‘Release’ for better…

The quadratic formula is one of the most useful formulas that are taught since high school, and for good reason. This formula allows to find the values of x for which a quadratic equation equals 0.

The quadratic formula

However, where does this formula come from and how does it relate to the inflection point of a quadratic equation? To determine such questions there are two important things to keep in mind for quadratic equations:

  1. Every quadratic equation has one and only one inflection point
  2. Every quadratic equation is symmetric around that inflection point

What is the inflection point of a quadratic equation?

The inflection point of a quadratic equation is the…

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Undergraduate student in Robotics and Digital Systems at ITESM. 💙 Math, science, and robotics. Lifelong learner.

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